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Monday, September 24, 2012

My Husband Rocks!

My husband and I don't have much in common when it comes to hobbies. We often bypass each other during the day when he goes to do his thing and I do mine. He likes sports, and I like art. That's the biggest difference, and it goes on from there. So we compromise by reading together...usually something marriage related.

My man recently came home with the book Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. The love she most desires; the respect he desperately needs. I'll be the first to admit the book has some slow and repetitive parts. Some areas I would rather skim over than read word for word, and some of the ideas I don't agree with. But a lot of what Emerson writes is beginning to make sense. I've stopped multiple times while we're reading and said "Huh. Really? Is that true?!" I guess I've always assumed men feel love the same way women do, but it's certainly not the case. If you have a husband, fiancee, or serious boyfriend, ask him if he would rather be told "I love you" or "I respect you." My husband said the latter.

I'm working to change how I talk to my husband so he really knows I respect him, and I've noticed a bit of a change in him. He knows my shoulder has been hurting lately, and I often make faces or rub it when he's around hoping he'll take the hint and massage it. I didn't give away any hints yesterday, but my rockin' husband said "I'll be done with this in about 20 minutes. Want me to massage your shoulders after that?" Oh yeah, I do! He said it so sweetly too, not sounding as if it were a chore. *sigh*

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