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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday's Word - Tower of Babel

I didn't teach this Wednesday, so I'm including a lesson from a previous week.

Pride & the Tower of Babel

How often do we talk about ourselves?
Give each person 5 pieces of colored paper. For the rest of the class, no one can say "I," "me," or "my/mine." If someone says one of the forbidden words, they must give over 1 of their colored paper pieces to whoever caught the word first. The person with the most paper pieces at the end of class receives a small prize. When the game is through, discuss how difficult it is not to say I, me, or my. Most of us in the United States (or other developed countries) are very self-centered...we especially like to talk about ourselves. We often put ourselves first before anything else, even before God.

There are more than 7000 languages and dialects in the world. Who can say something in a different language? Do you know where all of the languages came from?
Explain the story of Genesis 11:1-9, the Tower of Babel.

Divide the class into groups of 5 or so. Give out random objects, making sure to give the same number of each object to each group. Just use whatever you can find, such as marshmallows, toothpicks, sheets of paper, masking tape. I even used plastic spoons, yarn, and coffee filters because it's what I had on hand.
Directions: (Within a set time limit) Each group is going to build a tower out of the objects given. The group with the tallest tower is the winner, but no one can speak. The people of Babel could not understand each other once God gave them so many different languages, and you are going to experience the same thing. Since you can't talk, you'll have to find other ways to communicate besides language.

The people of Shinar (early name for Babylon) made bricks from mud baked at high temperatures and held them together with tar. The tower they built was probably a ziggurat that looked like a pyramid with steps or ramps leading up the sides. Each story was slightly smaller than the one below it, making it look step-like. Seven levels—each may have been painted a different color so the building looked like a huge rainbow.
They wanted to build it to call attention to themselves and their accomplishments. They were honoring themselves and felt they didn’t need God.
God was sad, upset, and angry. He wanted people to want to spend time with Him and talk with Him. He could not allow them to continue with such defiance and rebellion, so he gave them different languages. They were confused, so they had to stop building the tower. They scattered over all of the earth. They hunted for others they could understand and formed small groups or tribes with people like them.

How do people today call attention to themselves and their own accomplishments? Examples are sports cars, flashy jewelry, buying other expensive things, bragging about what they do.
What do kids do to call attention to themselves? Examples: wear revealing clothes, do whatever is popular at the time, bragging about things.
Anything we do to call attention to ourselves takes the glory away from God. Everything we do should be to glorify God; otherwise, we're honoring ourselves. We don't deserve the honor...we didn't create ourselves.
Example of glorifying God: the movie Facing the Giants. They honored God with football. They recognized their talents and skills came from Him and praised God whether they won or lost.

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