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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm an Informed Bad Decision Maker

I can get a little discouraged when I see blogger posts of impeccably clean homes, perfectly behaved kids, and 5-course dinners. Especially when I can’t find a clean spoon, and I’m in 3-day old jeans because I need to wash clothes. I guess that’s the time I should stop reading blogs and pay attention to my house.
But anyways, I finally realized a lot of these pictures are posed. Or they may only have a great dinner 1 night a week. Or the kids are bribed to smile for the picture. Or the dirty dishes are cropped out of the frame. Okay, not all of the pics are posed. Some people are just good like that. But most of us are guilty of wanting to show only our best to all of you strangers.
Guilty as charged.
I realized I’ve posted so many healthy food posts lately that you probably get the wrong idea about my reality. The truth: I’m an informed bad decision maker. I read and learn what I can about organic, free-range, nutrition, and other health-related things because I want to be informed. That doesn’t mean I always follow through with what I know is best.
In fact, I just ate a few Ritz crackers. That doesn’t exactly follow my grain-free plan that was making me feel so much better. And it’s not the fermented or soaked grains I was planning to try once I was ready to eat grains again. But there it is. I ate Ritz.
My husband has been asking me for Italian breaded baked chicken breasts. I was at Sam’s and bought what they had…definitely not free-range nor organic.
I rarely buy organic produce. It’s true. I believe pesticides and genetically modified foods are a big problem for our health and the environment, but I rarely buy organic fruits or veggies.

Here's a peak at a few nonorganic things in our pantry right now. And yet I can't say I feel guilty about any of them. They're still a long ways from the snack cakes and Pop-Tarts that used to fill our pantry.
Our budget dictates the kinds of foods we can buy. When we have a few extra dollars, I splurge on grass fed animal products (meat and milk). I believe the effects and benefits of grass fed vs. conventionally raised meat and dairy is a bigger deal than organic produce. We’re also growing some of our own produce so that we won’t have to worry about it. Peppers, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes are a few on the dirty dozen list that we grow ourselves rather than buy.
I’m far from perfect when it comes to food choices, but I am doing much better than I ever have been. The point is, I’m trying, which I believe is the best each of us can do. I’m a firm believer in baby steps – taking 1 step at a time in order to live a healthier lifestyle. My first step was almost 5 years ago when I gave up sodas.
What was your first step towards living healthier? What would you like to do next? Do you have a particular unhealthy weakness that you can’t quite give up yet?

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