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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Praying Can Lead to Crazy Things

My husband is the associate pastor at a lively, Holy Ghost-filled Pentacostal church, and praying for people by laying hands on them at the altar is often a weekly occurrence. Last Sunday, an older gentleman asked for prayer, and I happened to be at the altar already, so I joined the group in praying for him. I didn't have a clue what he wanted prayer for. But the moment I closed my eyes and touched him, I had an incredibly brief, half-of-a-second image of him flash across my mind. I was at his back and had not seen his face, but this image was of the front of him. And it was beautiful.

I have double vision, poor vision from nearsightedness, and floaters that travel across my line of sight. Yet this image of him had none of those things. It was perfectly clear and single with bright colors (double vision can sometimes dull the colors because they overlap) and no floaters. He was practically jumping out of the picture plane because it was 3D (my dr. said I see in 2D since my brain won't converge the 2 images). It was my first and only insight into what 3D might look like to other people! I'm not sure I even prayed for the man because I was too absorbed in trying to remember the details of that image. I felt a tinge of sadness at seeing it for such a brief moment, but it was exciting as well.

I told my husband about it that night. Turns out, the man had asked for prayer for his eyes.

This is a 5' acrylic painting of my vision that I did for my senior painting class.
For more info about my vision, see my older blog: It's a Double World

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