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Monday, October 10, 2011

Joyful Living with a Smile

Remember when the yellow smiley face logo was absolutely everywhere? I had a t-shirt with this face that read "Smile. It confuses people." As a rebellious preteen who secretly wanted to fit in, I thought it was so cool.

Seriously though, would you rather see someone smile or frown? When I'm walking down the street or through a store or wherever, my feelings are immediately uplifted for a moment if someone walks past me and smiles. It's a millisecond of shared joy.

Today I will simply smile at someone. Won't you join me? It could be someone you pass by at work, in a store, or anywhere else. If you don't leave the house today, simply offer a smile when your spouse, child, etc. walks in the door. I want to learn and show to myself that even when I don't feel like being happy, I can show and share a bit of joy. Amazingly, that bit of joy starts to lift my own 'blah' mood.

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