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Sunday, August 7, 2011

WATER! (VBS part 2)

Friday's games deserve their own separate post just because of how much I enjoyed watching them. The kids looked like they had a blast with them, though a few did forget to bring towels. There were 6 stations of games with teen workers at each station. Pizza, chips, watermelon, and cookies were served outside in shifts. That left around 40 minutes for water games and 20 minutes to eat.

For my own personal reference so I can see next year what we did, here was our schedule for Friday:
6:30 Opening session in gym. Youth praise band led praise and worship.
7:00 Lesson in the gym for everyone
7:20 Alter call and sign banner
7:40 Dismiss by groups to go outside. 5-7 year olds eat dinner while the rest go to water games.
8:00 8-9 year olds ate
8:20 10-12 year olds ate
8:40 SLIME the loser of the offering
8:50 Everyone inside to change clothes and dry off
9:10 Outside for popsicles and fireworks
9:30 Dismissed

The 6 water stations:
1. Water slide - the favorite by far. A large tarp, a water hose, and a few bottles of dish detergent to make it more slippery. Need I say more?
2. Water balloon toss - At the end, I gave prizes to the ones in each age group who backed up the farthest. 5 year olds couldn't really grasp the concept of a water balloon toss.
3. Dry, Dry, Wet - It's just like duck, duck, goose, but whoever is "it" has a cup of water. They tap the other kids' heads while saying "Dry...dry...dry..." When they get to the one they want to be "it" next, they say "Wet!" and dump the cup of water on their head before running around the circle. It surprised me how much even the 10-12 year olds liked this one.
4. Raindrops on my Head - The group at this station was divided into 2 teams, who each formed a line. At one end of the line was a bucket of water. At the other end was a large empty bowl. The person at the beginning of each line was given a Ziploc bag with holes poked in it. They had to fill it with water and pass it over their head to the next person in line. It continued being passed over their heads until it was dumped in the empty bowl at the end of the line. The team to fill the bowl first won. To avoid kids trying to plug the holes with their hands, I cut the tops of the bags off. This meant they had to hold the tops of the bags with both hands to prevent them from spilling over.
5. Wet T-Shirt relay - Once again, the group formed 2 teams. A bucket a water and t-shirts was at the start of the relay. The first player had to put on a wet t-shirt, run to a chair that was a ways in front of them, take off the wet t-shirt, and drop it on the chair. They had to run back to the next person in line who did the same thing. We learned 2 things about this game...5-7 year olds can't really put on wet t-shirts. It worked better for them to just hold the shirt over their heads and run while it dripped on them. Secondly, someone needed to be at the empty chairs in case shirts needed to be held down while the wet t-shirt was pulled off. Otherwise, you could get flashed.
6. Bursting Lungs - This was more for the 10-12 year olds, but anyone could do it. Basically, a large trash can was filled with water, and the kids (1 at a time) were timed to see how long they could dunk their head underwater. An adult had to be at this station just to make sure no one tried to hold each others' head under water.

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