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Monday, July 4, 2011

God Blesses People to Bless Others

I'm in charge of Vacation Bible School this year, and I'll admit it...I'm kind of nervous. I just recently found out that I don't have a budget! That doesn't mean unlimited funds. It means NO FUNDS. I'm expected to raise enough money during VBS Penny Wars to cover anything I bought for it. Now for a little background on me - I like numbers. I like figuring out budgets and how to maximize the amount of money available. I enjoy the thrill of finding a good deal on something I actually need (or want...). This means I don't do well without a budget. I get stressed at the thought of not knowing how much money I'm allowed to spend on VBS.

The theme this year is Light of the World. We're going to do glow-in-the-dark decorations while learning of how Jesus is the light. The last night, I really want to shoot fireworks. It just makes sense with this theme, right? Fireworks are far from cheap, but I figured I could spend maybe $100 on them. Seriously though, how much could I really get for that amount? I told a young man at a TNT stand what I wanted (just something to shoot towards the sky that will last longer than 30 seconds, but under $100), and he showed me some options. The box that looked really cool with 36 shots was $128. Ouch. But once he heard it was for VBS and how much trouble I was having with the budget, he sold me the 36 shot and 3 more cubes of fireworks for $80 total! My husband asked him if he was sure he wanted to do that and if he was getting enough of a cut from it. His response: "God has really blessed us this year, so I'm glad to help out a church."

I can't express through here how excited I am by these fireworks! I feel like God really blessed us with them, but I know the discount was possible because of how much He blessed the business at that particular TNT stand. God often blesses others (or us) so that they (or we) can be a blessing to someone else.