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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"You'll be going to more funerals"

When I married a pastor, I was told I'd be going to a lot more funerals. DH would be officiating or just need to attend as support for a church member or their family. Before marriage, I had attended approximately 1 funeral a year. Since the wedding, I've been to 5 funerals in 5 each month. But it's all been for my family or my friends' families. 2 uncles, 1 aunt, and 2 parents of best friends. When I was told I'd be going to more funerals, it never crossed my mind that it would be for people I'm close to.
DH claims it gets easier. He's been to so many funerals that it barely phases him now. But I wonder if that's just because he's a man. Is it usually different emotionally for a woman? I went to a funeral with him pre-marriage and teared up over a man I didn't know.

My Husband Rocks! #3

I LOVE the family I married into. I've always heard horror stories about in-laws and I see people's faces when I tell them I live next door to mine. But it's really not bad! We go visit a few times a week and my mother-in-law feeds us every Wednesday and Sunday. I've gone to borrow sugar or butter or something quite often...
We also celebrated my birthday last week and the in-laws went above and beyond. They took my husband and me out to eat at Outback (bloomin' onion! my favorite!) and everyone, his siblings included, treat me like one of the family.

My husband rocks because of his family. Not only did his parents raise him to be an AMAZING man, but they're also incredible people.